Montréal Québec Canada
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Edition 2012

MUTEK, the premiere festival of digital creativity and electronic music kicked off its 13th edition with carefully curated programme including 130 performers including 3 world premieres and 15 North American Premieres. From the avant-garde frontiers of audio-visual experimentation to the communal thrills of festive nightlife, the 13th edition of MUTEK ran from May 30 to June 3rd. The festival built upon its well-known five-day trajectory to deliver the most exclusive performances in electronic music and digital creativity. In 2012, MUTEK offered three world premieres, fourteen North American premieres, and ten Canadian premieres, many of them by artists who had only collaborated together a handful of times in the past. That fact alone, coupled with news that the festival took over new venues for both daytime and nighttime events, reaffirms that the festival was, now more than ever, intimately woven into the city’s cultural fabric and public spheres. From May 30 to June 3rd, digital culture aficionados, industry professionals, inquisitive minds, and families alike were invited to take full advantage of the cutting-edge digital playground that is MUTEK.

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Mutek2 812 11 low quality

A Guy Called Gerald UK / Alex Smoke UK / Alicia Hush CA / Apparat DE / Atheus CA / Baillat Cardell CA / Basic Soul Unit CA / Benoit & Sergio US / Ben Shemie CA/QC / Bernardo Femminielli CA / Biosphere + Egbert Mittelstadt NO+DE / Biosphere+Lustmord NO+UK / Blondes US / BNJMN UK / Carton Park FR / Christina Sealey (Orphx) CA / Clark UK / Container US / Creation Ex Nihilo CA / Daily Tous Les Jours CA / Danuel Tate CA / Dave Aju US / Deniz Kurtel US / Dj Champion CA / DKMD CA / Edwin van der Heide NL / Esprit Frappeur CA / Farben DE / Herman Kolgen CA/QC / Hyena Hive CA / Jacob Korn DE / Jeff Mills US / Jeremy Greenspan CA / Jesse Voltaire CA / Jimmy Edgar US / K.a.n.t N.a.g.a.n.o CA / Karl Lemieux CA / Keith Fullerton Whitman US / Kink BG / Kode 9 UK / Krause Duo DE / MacHeen CA/QC / Larry James CA / Le révélateur CA/QC / Leboeuf et Laviolette CA/QC / Les momies de Palerme CA/QC / Magnanime CA/QC / Marsen Jules DE / Minilogue + Mathew Jonson SE+CA / Mat Jonson CA / Matt Thibideau CA / Michel Plamondon CA / Monolake DE / Mort CA / Nautiluss CA / Nelly-Eve Rajotte CA / Nicolas Jaar CL/US / No Ufo's CA / Nouveau Palais CA / Paul White UK / Pecora Pecora CA / Pierre Bastien & Espen Sommer Eide FR+NO, Public Lover US / Refik Anadol TR / Robin Fox DE / Roll the Dice SE / Roly Porter UK / Rrose US / Rumpistol DK / Salva US / Sendai BE / Shackleton UK / Shlohmo US / Sibian & Faun CA / Simon called peter CA/QC / Stephen O'Malley US / Tétrault+Tobin CA / The Gulf Stream CA / Tim Hecker CA / Tonepushers CA / Valentin Stip FR/UK / Vincent Morrisset CA/QC / Wolf & Lamb US / Yan Breuleux CA / and more…

Mutek2 812 11 low quality