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For its 3rd edition, MUTEK_IMG presented Mixed Realities, featuring free programs on topics as varied as stage and video scenography, wearable technologies, sound spatialization technology and practices, and the distribution and sale of digital visual objects. Artists and professionals in the field of digital creation were invited to connect with high profile local, Canadian and international speakers during conferences, discussions and networking activities.

At the core of MUTEK_IMG was the 3rd edition of the VR SALON. Intended for those who seek to create in VR and AR or understand this fast-moving medium, it offered comprehensive conferences and networking opportunities as well as an exhibition of over 30 works. Part of a week bursting with VR activities – including workshops and exhibitions by our partners RIDM/DCM, SODEC, and Phi Centre – the VR SALON was conceived as a point of convergence and exchange for creators from Montréal and abroad.

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MUTEK Forum 3

Amanda Cosco - Electric Runway CA / Ana Serrano - Canadian Film Centre CA / Aneta Genova - Parsons School of Design US / Ashley Wong - Sedition UK / Brendan Walker - Aerial UK / Bryan Martin - Audible Reality CA / Chloé Jarry - Lucid Realities FR / Clint Beharry - Harmony Institute US / David Paquin - UQAT CA / Edmund Lam - Frank + Oak CA / Eleanor Whitley - Marshmallow Laser Feast UK / Eloi Champagne - ONF/NFB CA / Emric Epstein - VYV CA / Fabien Barati - Emissive FR / François David - Pixel Relief / Mapping Matter CA / Franz Hildgen - Deep Inc CA/DE / Fred Volhuer FR/US / Frédéric Guarino - VR Valley Network Montréal CA / Frédéric Josué - 18 Havas / Uni-VR FR / Greg J. Smith - HOLO CA / Hadrien Lanvin - Innerspace VR FR / Jean-Pascal Beaudoin - Headspace Studio UK / Jeff Waye - Third Side Music CA/QC / Jimmy Lakatos - Artificiel CA / Joanna Berzowska - XS Labs CA / John McFarlane - POV Digital CA / Jon Rafman CA / Joséphine Derobe FR / Karen Vanderborght CA/BE / Karim Ben Khelifa - MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology BE/US / Katerina Cizek - MIT Open Doc Lab US / Loren Hammonds - Tribeca Film Festival US / Louis-Richard Tremblay - ONF / NFB CA/QC / Mária Rakušanová - Samsung UK / Martin Gagné - 33 Degrés CA / Martin Granger-Piché - VYV CA / Mathieu Saint-Arnaud - Normal Studio CA / Matthieu Labeau - Nozon BE / Michel Lemieux - Lemieux Pilon CA / Nicolas S. Roy - Dpt. CA / Olivier Rhéaume - Société des Arts Technologiques CA / Pascal Montjovent - Kenzan CH / Patrick Pomerleau - NEST Immersion CA / Philippe Belhumeur - Normal Studio CA / Prashant Matta - OMERS Ventures CA / Prem Gill - Creative B.C. CA / Rea McNamara - Undervolt & Co. CA / Sandra Rodriguez - MIT Open Doc Lab et MIT Hacking XR CA/QC/US / Sean Caruso CA / Sébastien Grenier-Cartier - Normal Studio CA / Shaw Walters - Palm Laboratories US / Simon Drouin - NeuroImaging and Surgical Technologies (NIST) Lab CA / Simon Wilkinson - CIRCA69 UK / Stéphane Cardin - FMC / CMF CA / Thomas Wallner - Deep Inc CA/DE / Timothy Allan - Seekbeak / Codetent CA / Todd Eckert - Tin Drum / Valérie Lamontagne - 3lectromode CA / Véronique Allard - Cirque du Soleil CA / Vincent McCurley - ONF Vancouver / NFB Vancouver CA / Wieslaw Woszczyk CA

Mutek img 2016nov11 vr Salon 18
Mutek img 2016nov11 vr Expo 6
Mutek img 2016nov11 vr Expo 3
Mutek img 2016nov10 vr Salon 4
Mutek img 2016nov10 expo VR 6
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The Grand Nord workshop will gather 10 narrative, virtual reality projects currently in development and pair them with distinguished experts. The aim is to further these projects by putting diverse expertise at the disposal of the creators in order to solve some precise creative issues: narration/screenwriting techniques, recording/CGI creation, use of sound, interaction, post production. The workshop will also be a unique occasion to initiate a new and collective vision favouring the circulation of ideas and points of view, as well as exchange experience and knowledge across the 8 cultures of the francophonie involved in this undertaking.

The projects and team members participating in the workshop:

Les passagers (QC/FR): Nicolas Peufaillit, co-screenwriter (FR) / Ziad Touma, producer, Couzin Films (QC)
Manic (QC): Kalina Bertin, author and director (QC) / Sandra Rodriguez, creative director, EyeSteelFilm (QC)
Réserve (QC): Brigitte Poupart, stage and film director, Transthéâtre (QC) / Philippe Belhumeur, Normal Studio (QC)
Altération (FR): Jérôme Blanquet, director (FR) / Antoine Cayrol, producer, FatCat Films and OKIO Studio (FR)
Les falaises de V. (FR): Laurent Bazin, director (FR) / Jean-Baptiste Bruceña, producer (FR)
Oslo bleu (FR): Yasmine Boucherat, producer, Mélange Production (FR) / Bruno Masi, writer and directer (FR)
Replay Memories (FR): Gordon, co-director (FR) / Andrés Jarach, co-director (AR/FR) / Chloé Jarry, producer, Camera Lucida (FR)
Vrankenstein (CH) : Boris Rabusseau, Freestudios (CH) / Jean-Daniel Schneider, director (CH)
Fanclub (LUX): Frédéric Fischer, director of production, a_BAHN (LUX) / Marion Guth, producer, a_BAHN (LUX)
Muse (BE) : Domenico La Porta, writer (BE) / Mathieu Labeau, Nozon (BE)

The experts:

Fabien Barati – Emissive (FR) / Jean-Pascal Beaudoin, Headspace Studio (QC) / Eloi Champagne, National Film Board of Canada (QC/CA) / Joséphine Derobe, Stéréographe (FR) / Pierre Friquet (FR/QC) / Hadrien Lanvin, Innerspace VR (FR) / Pascal Montjovent, Kenzan (CH) / Loïc Suty, Turbulent (CA)

The moderator:

Audrey Pacart (QC/FR)

This first edition is put together by SODEC in collaboration with MUTEK, with the support of the France Embassy in Canada, the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC), the Film Fund Luxembourg, the Foundation for Continuous Training for Cinema and Audiovisual (FOCAL), the Canada Media Fund, the Federal Office for Culture (OFC), Téléfilm Canada and Wallimage Creative.

The activities will happen simultaneously as the Rencontre Francophones and Cinemania Festival, with the participation of Air Canada, the Québec Film and Television Council (BCTQ), Phi Centre and Sofitel Montréal Golden Mile.