Montréal Québec Canada
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Celine GarciaFR

Puppet Master Label & Publishing
Celine Garcia<sup>FR</sup>
Celine GarciaFR
Puppet Master Label & Publishing
ROUNDTABLE: Algorithmic Creativity

08.30 | 14:45_15:45

Celine Garcia (she/her) is a manager and publisher who has produced numerous innovative musical projects. She is the project manager of French musician SKYGGE, who is at the vanguard of AI technologies and music creation. As a label manager and publisher, Garcia works daily alongside researchers and musicians exploring AI tools, and acquiring expertise of how each new prototype challenges human creativity. Prior, Garcia worked for independent companies as well as major institutions in the music sector such as the French Institute, Sacem, and Morgane Production. In 2017, she oversaw the publication of SKYGGE’s album, Hello World; shortly after, she joined together to found Puppet Master Label & Publishing in 2018. Garcia is one of the "Women Innovators" in the Keychange 2020-2021 network, which aims to achieve gender parity in the music industry.

Member of the 2020/2021 Keychange Cohort

Photo credit: Sarah Bastien