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Hernan Herreraar

Hernan Herrera<sup>ar</sup>
Hernan Herreraar

When the recent story of barcelona’s electronic music life is mentioned, Hernán Herrera holds a determining and active place in the evolution of the scene over the last 15 years. Always operating behind the decks, with a multifaceted route in different roles within the industry as art director, booker, promoter, deejay, and producer. The consummation of his music journey over more than 20 years, manifested itself in the creation of BRIDGE 48. The community of future music creators gathered in a creative hub and music studio complex in Barcelona, connect the new generations of professionals with the established artists, through a production model based on the circular economy to consummate the artistic development. Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and living in Barcelona (Spain) since 2001, Hernán Herrera landed in Europe with the intention to pursue his first steps in music production, showing a total readiness to devote all his energy to the world of electronic music. And after few years playing records at beach parties, the evolution of his career led him to play in the best clubs of the world sharing stages with some of the most prominent dj’s on the world electronic music scene.