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Ricardo LaganaroBR

ARVORE Immersive Experiences
Ricardo Laganaro<sup>BR</sup>
Ricardo LaganaroBR
ARVORE Immersive Experiences
ROUNDTABLE: XR Distribution Strategies

08.31 | 14:45_15:45
XR and Storytelling

Ricardo Laganaro (he/him) is an award-winning Brazilian director, partner, and Chief StoryTelling Officer at ARVORE Immersive Experiences. His most recent piece, The Line, has received several awards globally, including Best VR Experience at the 76th Venice Film Festival and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Programming in 2020. Laganaro entered the immersive world in 2012, creating a full-dome experience for the Museum of Tomorrow, the biggest cultural venue built in Rio for the Olympics. He also directed 360º commercials and music videos that together have over 70 million views. In 2016, Ricardo directed the VR doc, Step to the Line, produced by Oculus. The short premiered at the Tribeca Festival 2017 and was selected amongst over 30 festivals globally.