Montréal Québec Canada
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Sarah FriendCA/DE

Ender Gallery
Sarah Friend<sup>CA/DE</sup>
Sarah FriendCA/DE
Ender Gallery
WORKSHOP: Minecraft Jane's Walk

08.27 | 14:30_16:30
Models for Presentation and Monetization

WORKSHOP: Bits, Bulls, Blocks: Critical NFT Studies

08.26 | 11:00_15:00
Models for Presentation and Monetization

Q&A: Sarah Friend

08.25 | 16:00_17:00
Digital Art and Sound

Sarah Friend (she/her) is an artist and software engineer, specializing in blockchain and the peer-to-peer web. She is a participant in the Berlin Program for Artists, and a co-curator of Ender Gallery, an artist residency taking place inside the game Minecraft. She is also an alumnus of Recurse Centre, an educational retreat for software developers in New York, and an organiser of Our Networks, a conference on all aspects of the distributed web.