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Animistic BeliefsNL

Animistic Beliefs<sup>NL</sup>
Animistic BeliefsNL

Rotterdam-based Animistic Beliefs draws from Techno, IDM and "Global Club" music in order to craft exhilarating hybrid sets. Following a more conventional debut on stage and the release of a first album, Linh Luu and Marvin Lalihatu felt the need to explore their respective cultures by incorporating the musical heritage of their ancestors in their productions; first in their stage performances, then through their latest album MERDEKA, released last year. Their distinctive, Gabber-inspired sound, intertwined with Linh’s punk vocals, oscillates between wistful Vietnamese poetry and punchy beats produced by their peculiar analog instruments; of note, the totobuang, part of the gamelan, an Indonesian orchestra that employs scales unknown to Western music. Through this unique musical palette, the pair explores their experience as queer people of color living in the Netherlands, expressing the range of possibilities and transcending the modern club circuit.


Presented with the support of The Performing Arts Fund NL.

Duo Animistic Beliefs, weaving Dutch rave revival sounds with those drawn from their Southeast Asian heritages.




MERDEKA (N.A.A.F.I, 2022)


For several years, Linh and Marvin soldered hardware at MASK (an acronym meaning “Monday Evening Soldering Club” in English) to create improvised Ambient and Experimental techno music.