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Bored LordUS

Bored Lord<sup>US</sup>
Bored LordUS

08.21 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Credit: Mariah Tiffany

Daria Lourd, known artistically as Bored Lord, is a trailblazer in the electronic music scene, originally hailing from Memphis. She made a significant mark with her productions, which feature prominently on Knightwerk Records, reflecting her deep engagement with techno and bass-driven genres. Her transformative experience within Oakland, California's underground rave community not only sharpened her DJing skills but also deeply influenced her musical output, infusing it with a raw, pulsating energy that is unmistakably hers.
Bored Lord’s tracks are characterized by their euphoric, club-ready vibe, often incorporating elements of UK garage and bass music that make her sound distinct. Her adept remixing skills have led her to collaborate with various artists and labels, such as T4T LUV NRG, further diversifying her musical repertoire. Lord’s creative process, heavily rooted in DIY ethics and a passion for rave culture, allows her to maintain a fresh, authentic sound that resonates with both nostalgia and contemporary relevance. Her music not only pays homage to the electronic pioneers before her but also paves the way for future explorations in the genre.

Bored Lord US
Live | World Premiere

Hailing from Memphis, the multidisciplinary and versatile artist Bored Lord is set to dazzle at MUTEK with her inaugural live performance. Expect a riveting showcase as she weaves her distinct breakbeat and acid influences with layers of emotional resonance, marking a memorable debut with her unparalleled approach to electronic music.


Bored Lord (Daria Lourd) is a multidisciplinary artist from Memphis.




Name It (2023)
3213123 (2023)
The Last Illusion (2021)


Bored Lord about their album Name it: "I want people in the industry to be confused while ravers understand the very moment they press play.”