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Boris AcketNL

Boris Acket<sup>NL</sup>
Boris AcketNL

Above all, Boris Acket is an audiovisual philosopher and explorer: through the potential of light, he equally transforms architectural spaces, landscapes and any type of environment into the canvas of abstract ideas that are expressed as immersive pieces.

Light, sound, technology and space are the prisms through which Acket tests perspectives, meanings and physical and psychic notions about reality, always exploring more than one discipline. Installation, live performance and even cinematographic processes, to reveal invisible layers of time, space and natural elements. His insight as an immersive and lighting creator has led him to present pieces and performances at festivals, museums, galleries and catwalks in Europe, as well as being the creative director of the Schemerlicth festival. When he is not developing his own pieces, Boris Acket collaborates with the De Lichting collective and makes solo music or as half of the Working Titles project.

Boris Acket NL, contemporary artist and creative director.


Boris Acket NL, contemporary artist and creative director.


Light installation for the classical music concerts of 24 Classics and its streaming platform 24 Chambers.


Boris Acket is the artistic director and curator of the Schemerlicth festival, dedicated to audiovisual art within a large urban forest in the city of Nijmegen. In the most recent edition he also presented two large light installations that intervene in the natural space of the Goffertpark.