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Carmen Jaci & Matthew SchoenCA/NL

Carmen Jaci & Matthew Schoen<sup>CA/NL</sup>
Carmen Jaci & Matthew SchoenCA/NL
Nocturne 1

08.23 | 10:00 pm_2:00 am
Live A/V: 12:55 am_1:55 am

© Collectif Triangle

Carmen Jaci is a Canadian producer and composer based in the Netherlands. She creates whimsical worlds where sounds reminiscent of childhood are intertwined with those of popular music and symphonic compositions. Using hybrid sounds that merge acoustic instruments, synthesizers and vocal recordings, she draws upon the contrasts between organic and electronic. Her recent projects are inspired by studio production and dance music techniques that she deconstructs, giving free rein to her imagination.

Initially trained in electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, Matthew Schoen has developed a multidisciplinary practice comprising motion design and visual arts, following three years at OneSize Studio. Inspired by these techniques, Schoen overrides their functions, reconfiguring everyday objects and systems in a minimal and hyperrealist aesthetic. Originally from Québec, he lives and works in Leiden (the Netherlands).

Collaborators since 2015, Carmen Jaci and Matthew Schoen create playful, surprising, refined and forward-thinking audiovisual performances. They have presented their work at various festivals in the Netherlands and abroad, namely at Rewire, Kaboom and Soundsofmusic.

This live A/V performance by Carmen Jaci and Matthew Schoen seeks to reinvent our everyday interactions with technology and illustrate its impact on the construction of our identities. The duo presents a visualization of Jaci's personal data, accumulated over the years through various applications and softwares. An indexical notation of her daily and intimate life, this nonlinear visual sequence is synchronized with a lively and heterogeneous musical composition revealing surreal undertones.

Presented with the support of the Canada Arts Council.

Carmen Jaci and Matthew Schoen have been collaborating since 2015 from the Netherlands, where they develop playful, animated projects and performances that investigate our interactions with technologies.


Noumenal Loom


Happy Child (2021)


In collaboration with artist Nathalie Vanderveken, Jaci and Schoen have recently created the collective Triangle, producing audiovisual explorations in which everyday objects and experiences take on surrealist qualities.