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Métropolis 2

08.26 | 11:00 pm_6:00 am
Live: 2:20 am_3:20 am

Expérience 6

08.27 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm
DJ set: 8:50 pm_11:00 pm

© Marie Staggat

Berlin-based DJ, producer, founder of labels we_r house, 803 Crystal Grooves and its sub-label Collective Cuts, the Elevate record store owner and proud parent Cinthie has risen to become one the most prominent DJs in the house music scene.
Growing up on the music of artists such as Steve “Silk” Hurley and WestBam, Cinthie quickly delved into the world of house and techno, showcasing her first DJ sets in the early nineties as a teenager. Her unique DJ style and the depth of her musical knowledge has gained her recognition across the board from many of the legends she grew up listening to out of Chicago and Detroit, through to many other leading figures in today’s house and techno scene. Traversing a broad range of classic and contemporary sounds, her approach to producing and DJing is heavily reliant on her ever-increasing vinyl collection and encompasses the broad spectrum of electronic music
As a producer, Cinthie has been developing her sound over the past five years, building up her vast collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines amidst an array of more contemporary equipment. Her twists on house, techno, nu-disco, footwork and bass genres have been unveiled on her own labels. 2022 also marks another milestone in Cinthie’s career as she joins the catalog of !K7’s esteemed DJ-Kicks series. With an unfaltering drive and dedication to all things relating to electronic music, Cinthie continues her ceaseless musical explorations with upcoming projects on the horizon.

Berlin’s Cinthie has grown to become one of the most prominent figures in the contemporary house scene in recent years. This year at MUTEK, she presents her Canadian debut, which marks the first presentation of her new live set. While predominantly known as an aficionado of all things vinyl, Cinthie ventures into new realms with an electrifying live performance. The set will explore many of the heavy hitters found in Cinthie’s back catalog as she proceeds to deconstruct and piece them back together in a new, dynamic and dance floor ready format.


DJ, producer, founder of multiple labels and owner of the Elevate record store, Cinthie has strived to nurture Berlin’s house music scene over the past few decades, and has become one of its leading figures.


Aus Music, !K7 Records


Light A Fire (Aus Music, 2022)

DJ​-​Kicks: Cinthie (!K7 Records, 2022)

Skylines - City Lights (Aus Music, 2020)


Active on the house music scene for over 25 years, Cinthie begins a new chapter this year with her first live sets.