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Cinzia CampoleseIT/QC

Cinzia Campolese<sup>IT/QC</sup>
Cinzia CampoleseIT/QC

Cinzia Campolese is an artist living in Montréal. Her practice includes installations, sculptures,videos and prints. Working on different scales, she investigates the concepts of perception and awareness of space in both digital and physical environments. In her recent body of work, she has been working on the creation of interactive pieces and light sculptures, like Error and Frame of Reference, with which she received the "Art Collector" prize in November 2019 in Paris.
Over the past years she started a series of multidisciplinary works that gravitate around the impact of connected devices and surveillance; the installation In between, you, the series of prints and in-situ installation called Reloading the real and the video and web-based piece called Confinement.lands, inspired by the last social-economic development led by the pandemic.

Her artworks were exhibited at cultural institutes, galleries, and cultural events such as Stereolux (Nantes), Goethe-Institut (Montréal), B39 space (Seoul), Biennale Chroniques (Marseille), Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (Paris), Phi Center and MUTEK (Montréal).

Photo credit: Isabelle Gardner

Cinzia Campolese IT/QCIdle

Idle is an interactive website that acts like an abstract photo booth. It offers the same mobile GUI of Instagram's stories section with a camera at the bottom. Idle refers to the idle state which is often used for software when useful or meaningful messages are not being transmitted. It is a term that shares the same phonetic imprint of the word used for a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved or revered, "Idol".

The physical installation is presented at the Société des arts technologiques from August 20 to September 5, 2021.


Montréal-based artist Cinzia Campolese, reevaluating the rules of interactivity through her dynamic installations.


Earlier in 2021, the artist performed alongside Myriam Bleau at the Phi Centre.


Campolese worked on a series of prints titled Reloading the Real, injecting the universal loading symbol into public environments.