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Gaëlle ScaliFR/QC

Gaëlle Scali<sup>FR/QC</sup>
Gaëlle ScaliFR/QC

French-born visual artist and musician Gaëlle Scali now lives and works in Montréal. Having earned a degree in Arts and Sound Creation from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art in Bourges and a Master’s in Visual Arts from Montpellier’s École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Scali focuses on improvised music, computed-based music composition and programming, live electronic performance and the general history of electronic music. Her work explores the physical and immersive aspects of sound through the lens of performance and musical improvisation. Also heavily involved in the visual process, she turns her attention to the media aspect of electronic music, its technical, cultural, social and aesthetic dimensions, as well as the broader impact of sound mediums in the field of visual arts.

Gaëlle Scali is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Experimental Media at UQÀM, and has notably presented a creative research project titled Scalabilité at Ars Electronica festival in 2021, aiming to demonstrate the potential for real-time graphical, spatial and sound integration between well-known music production software Ableton Live and Max MSP and the Unity 3D video game engine.

Attractive 'Acid' Cycles is a generative A/V performance inspired by fractal mathematics. Gaëlle Scali employs sequencers, synthesizers and samplers in order to elicit dub, acid, house and experimental-laden sound textures created from series of integers, in turn generating speculative, post-psychedelic and frankly glitchy visual universes.


Based in Montréal, musician and visual artist Gaëlle Scali explores the physical and immersive dimensions of sound through electronic performance and musical improvisation.


Scalabilité (2021)
VIII (2019)
Knob & Factory (2019)


As part of her academic research, Scali published a series of music videos titled Scalabilité, created by using the Unity 3D game engine in a decidedly unconventional way.

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