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Hieroglyphic Beingus

Hieroglyphic Being<sup>us</sup>
Hieroglyphic Beingus
Nocturne 5

08.27 | 10:00 pm_4:00 am
Live: 12:55 am_2:55 am

Hieroglyphic Being is just one of the many aliases of American sound artist and experimental composer Jamal Moss. Born in 1973 in its infamous South Side, Moss had been a part of Chicago’s House and Techno scene as a promoter and DJ for a long time before starting to produce electronic music in 1997, under the pseudonym Hieroglyphic Being. His work has been widely praised for its creativity and audacity. His countless creations, often described as experimental, fuse elements of House, Techno, Free Jazz, Ambient and many other genres. He is also known for his DIY attitude, often using modified music equipment to craft unique sounds. Over the years, Hieroglyphic Being released numerous albums, EPs and singles on various independent labels, namely his own label Mathematics Recordings, but also on Warp, Axis and Ninja Tune, among others. He has also collaborated with a number of notable musicians, namely Sun Ra Arkestra’s Marshall Allen and saxophonist David Boykin, as well as Steve Pointdexter and House legend Adonis, the latter taking Moss under his wing, becoming a key mentor and source of inspiration. In addition to his musical career, Moss is also known for his commitment to music education, frequently hosting workshops for young people in his community.

Jamal Moss’ work broadly draws from Chicago’s resolutely Afrofuturist lineage, as well as the extensive field of experimentation that has defined the city’s soundscape over the past fifty years, from the birth of House to its avant-garde Jazz heritage, by way of Industrial music. Forever in motion, his ever-evolving creations trace a direct link from his mind to our bodies. For his very first appearance at MUTEK as Hieroglyphic Being, Moss promises a live and improvised performance of music made on the fly, never heard anywhere before.


Hieroglyphic Being is the stage name of prolific Chicago musician Jamal Moss. His experimental creations blur the boundaries of House, Techno and Free Jazz through a decidedly DIY framework.


Mathematics Recordings, Soul Jazz, Axis, Ninja Tune, RVNGObs


The Shittest Sounds U Don't Ever Want 2 Hear With Spiritual Name Titles 2 Prove How Deep I Am (Mathematics Recordings, 2022)

The Shittest Sounds U Don't Ever Want 2 Hear… Vol. 1-3 (2022)

There Is No Acid In This House (Soul Jazz Records, 2022)

Dance Of The Living Image (Axis, 2021)

An Era Of Spiritual Tenebrae EP (sous Our Souls Are In The Hands Of The Translator.

Modern Obscure Music, 2021)


Moss was part of a team that created Industrial and Art Noise soundscapes for Liquid Love parties at Chicago’s Powerplant in 1989-90. After Powerplant closed its doors, Moss and his mates launched Liquid Sex, which quickly became a magnet for several House artists.