Montréal Québec Canada
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Nocturne 4

08.26 | 10:00 pm_3:00 am
Live A/V: 12:10 am_12:55 am

A notable name in the Montréal underground DJ scene for over 7 years, Honeydrip is now making a global impact with her debut releases as a producer. She is recognized for her creative blends, high energy, and bass heavy selections spanning from UK bass to leftfield techno and the in-between. Her debut EP Anti-Ego demonstrated her immaculate taste for hyper-kinetic grooves, her Caribbean roots and electroacoustic background.
She is continuing to affiliate herself with some of the most avant-garde labels in Europe while solidifying her hybrid sound. Sweet like honey yet bitter… Become entranced by her musical waves, transcending fixed genres.

King Shadrock is a Jamaican-born, Montréal-based reggae singer known for his timeless and conscious music. He is dedicated to speaking through his music to raise awareness about important social issues and promote positive change, as powerfully depicted in his hit singles Nuh Mek We Go Far and Peace, Love, and Unity.
He has released several albums and singles of original music, earning critical acclaim for his conscious lyrics and contagious positive energy that he brings to any environment. Recognition of his work includes, but is not limited to, earning the Toronto International Reggae Music award and Conscious Kings award.
King Shadrock continues to write and perform music that speaks to the heart and soul of the reggae tradition, while also pushing the boundaries of the genre and exploring new creative directions.

Emma Forgues is a digital artist based in Montréal with a BFA in Computation Arts from Concordia University. Their interests revolve around the environmental, cultural and emotional impacts of science and technology on the body, expressed through installation and performance projects.
Following a residency at Oboro (Montréal), they presented their bio-art installations, Mycocene and iO, at the International Digital Arts Market organized by Elektra in June 2019. Their research Experimenting with Robotic Softness, in collaboration with artist Sam Bourgault, was published by ISEA in 2020. They also both presented their new soft robotics installation Parcours/Corporel/Body Circuit at ISEA (Paris) in May 2023. Finally, under the alias she.PHASE, they create live visual performances for electronic music events in the Montréal underground rave scene.

Honeydrip’s Psychotropical is an homage to dub, reggae, and dancehall, while keeping her signature bassy dancefloor sound. Psychotropic is any drug that affects behavior, mood, thoughts, or perception, and this debut live set from Honeydrip, featuring vocalist King Shadrock and A/V wizard Emma Forgues, is meant to evoke exactly that. The visual experience conceived by Emma will include humanoid shapes created from 3D scans of Honeydrip and King Shadrock's bodies and psychedelic landscapes inspired by nature, velvet, latex, honey, and glass. With thought-provoking Rastafarian themes and liquid sound design, this deep tropical performance will take you through a range of emotions and movements.

This project is supported and financed by the Canada Arts Council and FACTOR.

DJ and producer Honeydrip, reggae singer King Shadrock, and digital artist Emma Forgues unite for an explosive mind-bending set.



ANTI-EGO (2021)


With this A/V performance, Honeydrip and King Shadrock renewed their collaboration which kicked off in 2021 with the track "Brand New Flava", appearing on the Anti-Ego EP.