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Icky MagdalaCA/QC

Icky Magdala<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Icky MagdalaCA/QC
Experience 2

08.24 | 17:00_23:00 Montréal time

Icky Magdala is an artist known to prefer hardware over software. Her musical approach is similar to improvisation, leaving room also for the inspiration of the moment. She is discreet and lets the music and machines speak for themselves.

First introduced to the underground scene, Icky Magdala found much appreciation for the sound system culture. Inspired by different musical styles, she navigates through dub, jungle, drum & bass, hip-hop and acid techno. Over time she became a versatile artist, not only a DJ but also a producer who solely uses hardware equipment. She is a 10 years veteran in the Montréal scene as a solo artist, and alongside local music collectives such as Tekon Acid Crew, Pull-Up Selecta, Loop Sessions, and Quebec Dream Team (QDT). She has performed at Piknic Électronik, FME, Timeless Festival & Tribunion Festival (Mexico). Radio host of Bridges to Dub, her mission is all about spreading the music and good vibe.