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[indistinct voices over PA]CA/QC

[indistinct voices over PA]<sup>CA/QC</sup>
[indistinct voices over PA]CA/QC

08.24 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Credit: Caroline Campeau

Montréal-based multimedia artist Mourad Bncr fuses audiovisual storytelling, cinematic compositions, turntablism and generative visuals to question perceptions of memory and space. His works explore the edges of beat-music with a sense of texture and detail, drawing connections between obsolescent technologies, science fiction narratives and artifacts of his north-african cultural heritage. His project, [indistinct voices over PA], exemplifies his shift towards ambient soundscapes and impressionistic audio-visual installations, focusing on the synthesis of generative visuals and low-tech elements.
His work also extends into digital archiving, where he attempts to preserve the acoustic characteristics of endangered or inaccessible spaces. This includes innovative efforts like creating impulse responses of locations like the Al'Aqsa mosque, integrating these sounds into broader sonic works. At the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], he leads art residencies, nurturing a community of artists engaged in immersive and spatial audiovisual practices.

[indistinct voices over PA] CA/QC

[indistinct voices over PA] brings to light the underlying rhythmic structures of north african traditional instruments, such as percussions and flutes, and treats them with gradual sonic textures, generative visuals and low-tech audiovisual constructions. The performance virtually renders the acoustics of physical locations under threat of alteration or destruction, due to war or ecological damage. Part digital archiving, part audiovisual installation, it is a novel and committed approach to the possibilities of sound design.


[indistinct voices over PA] is Mourad Bncr, a Montréal-based composer with North African roots.


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