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Jordan GCZCA

Jordan GCZ<sup>CA</sup>
Jordan GCZCA

08.20 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Jordan Czamanski, performing solo as Jordan GCZ, is a multifaceted electronic musician and producer known for his improvisational prowess and eclectic soundscapes. Born in Columbus, Ohio in 1975, he has distinguished himself for more than two decades with his bold approach to electronic music, effortlessly blending genres such as techno, ambient jazz and post-rock. His music not only fills dance floors, but also enriches film soundtracks and contemporary ballets, demonstrating his versatility.
He regularly presents fully improvised live performances and performs as a DJ with the electronic duo Juju & Jordash and the band Magic Mountain High. His solo work has been described as having "a rare sense of melodic intensity and subtle experimentalism", while he has been named "one of techno's most beloved improvisers".
Currently based in Toronto, his creative sanctuary is a studio brimming with vintage synthesizers where he continues to push musical boundaries. His recent collaborations include projects with notable figures like David Moufang and Terrence Dixon, further cementing his status as a forerunner in the realm of electronic music.

Jordan GCZ CA
Live︱World Premiere

Jordan GCZ thrives on the unexpected, blending live improvisation with an array of synthesizers and drum machines. His performances at MUTEK Montréal will offer a unique auditory experience—shaped by the vibe, venue, and audience—pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Jordan's creative process involves exploring the dance floor's dynamic, questioning its conventions and engaging deeply with the spontaneity of the moment.


Jordan GCZ (Jordan Czamanski) is an artist and music producer from Ohio and based in Toronto.


Rawax, Rush Hour


After performing twice as a group at MUTEK Montréal as Juju & Jordash and Magic Mountain High, Jordan GCZ returns for a solo premiere this time.