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Jules RozeFR/QC

Jules Roze<sup>FR/QC</sup>
Jules RozeFR/QC

Jules Roze is a French multimedia artist based in Montreal and a researcher in musical computing, visual art, and digital culture. Intrigued by the interdisciplinary nature of art, Jules Roze places a particular emphasis on the synergy between music and imagery. Holding a master's degree in musical computing, Jules Roze crafts sensory experiences that blend spatialized sound, audio-reactive visuals, and lighting in immersive environments. His works have been showcased around the world, including at venues such as the Arario Museum in Seoul, the CNRS of Paris-Saclay, the Photon Foundation in Krakow, the SAT dome in Montreal, and within the framework of the MUTEK festival. In 2022, Roze won the award for Best Musical Short Film at the Dome Fest West in Costa Mesa, California, for Syntropie, an immersive journey ranging from dark simplicity to luminous complexity.

For his performances at MUTEK accompanying Page Vide and The Cyclist, Jules Roze plans to generate his visuals in real-time using TouchDesigner and aims to capitalize on the perspective and depth offered by the SAT dome. Roze will use the audio from the artists to influence his visuals. His goal is to stay within the realm of abstraction and leverage point clouds or particle effects as his foundational technique.


Based in Montreal, French multimedia artist and creative developer Jules Roze is also a researcher in computer music, visual art and digital culture.


In the mid-2010s, Jules Roze was a part of the Franco-Korean ensemble Liquid Sound. The electro-acoustic group, which blends traditional Korean instruments with live sound processing, held several concerts in France and South Korea from 2014 to 2016.