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LOVSHAI & MicroclimasCL

LOVSHAI & Microclimas<sup>CL</sup>
LOVSHAI & MicroclimasCL

After starting out in 2016, Santiago’s live house music duo LOVSHAI released their debut EP in 2017, under the I S L A records imprint. Skipping forward to the present day and their third release, Vitamina, is out now on Daniel Klauser‘s Magia Blanca label, and it’s filled with electropop and Italo disco touches.

LOVSHAI & Microclimas CL

Through a mix of analog and digital hardware, LOVSHAI provides an emotional dancing journey, combining crispy warm house with latin rythms and techno-pop vocals. This time, featuring the renowned local artist and singer Mamacita, adding an organic human touch to their performance. This inedit live show will give you shivers while dancing! For this performance Sergio Barrales and Felipe Grasset will be accompanied by Carolina Paz Vallejos aka Mamacita and the video artist Martina Letelier.

Presented by Sundeck