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Expérience 3

08.24 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm
Live: 7:45 pm_8:45 pm

Lowfish is the stage name of Toronto-born Gregory De Rocher. Despite a relatively low profile outside of the electronic music scene, Lowfish remains an influential and well-respected artist within the genre. De Rocher was attracted to electronic music from a very young age, and started experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines in the early ‘90s. In 1997, Lowfish launched the impeccable Suction Records alongside longtime collaborator Solvent (Jason Amm), and through this label released his first full-length album, titled Fear Not The Snow And Other Lo-fiing Objects, in 1999.
His influences range from Depeche Mode to Autechre by way of Front 242, Orbital and Anthony Rother, among others. And while he shies away from trends and fads, his clinical production style remains very much modern, despite being built on the DNA of early new wave and IDM. Crafted on semi-operational analog synths, wayward drum machines and raspy recording gear, Lowfish’s creations have received widespread praise for their complex rhythms, captivating melodies and nostalgic tones. His music has been showcased in movies, namely John Greyson’s Lilies and the documentary Proteus, and he has also worked on the original soundtrack of Canadian filmmakers Bruce McDonald and Daniel MacIvor’s movie Trigger, as well as a number of TV shows and video games. His latest effort, titled Grey With Breaks (released on Suction Records), has been largely recorded in Vancouver’s gloomy weather, resulting in a more thoughtful and subdued electro album.

Premiering at this year’s MUTEK, Lowfish’s latest live performance combines punishing 808 drums with the Canadian producer’s signature synth harmonies and highly-manipulated samples. At times moody, often melodic and catchy, Lowfish’s tracks forever strive to be refined and timeless.


Lowfish, alias of Toronto-based Gregory de Rocher, is one of Canada's most prolific electronic and IDM producers.


Analogical Force, Suction Records, Fundamental Records, Satamile Records, Ghostly International


Thaw EP (Analogical Force, 2023)

Test​(​e) (Suction Records, 2019)

Hypersensitivity (Suction Records, 2018)


The name Lowfish was coined by combining the notions of “lo-fi” and “ish” (as in “sort of”). “Lo-fi ish” thus becomes Lowfish.