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08.21 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Montréal-based electronic music artist Maara has carved out a distinctive niche in the dance music world with her innovative approach and energetic releases. Since her notable 2021 debut with Ultimate Reward on NAFF Recordings, Maara has continued to evolve, exploring new sonic territories. Her follow-up EP, Potion Activated on Sonido Isla, included the track The Forbidden Plum, which garnered significant attention and a nomination for Best Song of 2021 by Resident Advisor.
Maara's music is characterized by her ability to blend whimsical elements with pulsating beats, creating an experience that resonates on dance floors. In her DJ sets and productions, Maara brings a unique energy that both captivates and energizes her audience, ensuring that each performance is not just heard but felt. Her contributions to various international compilations highlight her broad appeal and versatility. With a busy tour schedule across Europe, Maara continues to share her vibrant and spirited musical journey, making every dance floor alive with her signature fun banger style.

Maara CA/QC
Live | World Premiere

Known for her kinetic DJ sets, Maara infuses every track with a palpable energy that commands the dance floor. Drawing inspiration from global dance music cultures, her live performance will blend a rich palette of sounds that reflect her dynamic creative process for an electrifying collective experience.


Maara (Maara-Louisa Dunbar) is a Montréal based DJ and producer.


Before launching into electronic music, Maara had already been involved in the hip-hop music scene for over 5 years under the Massie Dome alias.