Marina HerlopES
Marina HerlopES
Marina HerlopES
Marina HerlopES

Marina HerlopES
Marina HerlopES
Marina HerlopES
Marina HerlopES

Connect MUTEK.ES - Première

09.12 | 19:30_21:00 EDT
Live A/V: 19:30 EDT

Connect MUTEK.ES - Replay 1

09.13 | 06:30_08:00 EDT
Live: 06:30 EDT

Connect MUTEK.ES - Replay 2

09.13 | 14:00_15:30 EDT
Live: 14:00 EDT

Marina HerlopES

After two albums guided by the piano and the voice, Marina Herlop has discovered Ableton Live and she has focused on its possibilities. The hypnotic continuum of her early compositions is now fragmented and expanded by extraterrestrial rhythms, processed voice layers, and an organic finish. After performing at festivals such as Primavera Sound, WOS and MIRA, it is with this next album (predicted by mid-2021) that the artist has begun to draw the attention of international labels, festivals and artists.

On the stage, Marina performs alongside a group of four other musicians, among which is the duo Tarta Relena, known for their vocal update of Mediterranean folkloric songs. Marina Herlop's universe achieves beauty without renouncing complexity, becoming one of the most brilliant, inquisitive and interesting composers in Catalonia. Her performance at the Play program at Casa Bonay will anticipate the future of the artist's ascending career.


The artist from the Catalan region of Anoia is one of the up-and-coming talents of the national music scene


Experimental, Avant-Garde, Classical


Aloud Music Ltd


Babasha (2018)


Avant-garde classical music merges with experimental electronics in the artist's universe


Montréal: 2020