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Martin MessierCA/QC

Martin Messier<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Martin MessierCA/QC

08.24 | 7:00 pm_10:00 pm
Live A/V

For over a decade, Montréal-based artist Martin Messier has been redefining the boundaries between sound, light, and movement through captivating performances and installations. A graduate in composition from the University of Montreal, he quickly adopted an experimental approach where sound and video converge to create striking audiovisual devices.
With a profound interest in the interaction between technology and the human body, Messier explores how everyday objects can be transformed into extraordinary instruments. His notable work, Sewing Machine Orchestra, exemplifies this quest, turning vintage sewing machines into a mechanized orchestrated ensemble.
Globally recognized, his works have been lauded with awards such as the Ars Electronica Prize. Beyond his artistic work, Messier also serves as the general and artistic director of 14 lieux, a sound production company for the performing arts. His commitment to innovation continues to push the boundaries of audiovisual art, making him a leading figure in the field of digital arts.

Martin Messier 1 drop 1000 years
Live A/V

Martin Messier's 1 drop 1000 years is an immersive audiovisual performance, portraying the critical yet fragile role of the thermohaline circulation system. Using advanced technology, Messier captures the essence of global currents, emphasizing their delicate balance and the urgent human impact on climate regulation.

Directing, performance, light, and music: Martin Messier
Curation: Jaehoon Bang
Production : 14 lieux, Paradise Art Space, MUTEK
Creation and technical coordination assistant: Lilian Guiran
External advisors: Nathanaël Lécaudé (Electronic), Joseph Battesti (Engineering)


Martin Messier is a Montréal-based artist who has been creating multidisciplinary works in the form of performances and installations for over 15 years.


Cycles (2021)
Elusive Matter (2021)
Echo Chamber (2020)
Innervision (2019)


Martin Messier is the founder of the production company 14 lieux, which has presented its work in over 30 countries, exploring the relationship between sound and matter.

MARTIN MESSIER INSCAPE Bruno Aiello Destombes OSB09900 min