Montréal Québec Canada
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Montréal’s MAYSUN offers immersive instrumental music that evokes melancholy, acceptance and hope, delving into the temporal-spatial dimension of sound. Percussionist from a very young age, he studied music and jazz in college and university, then turned to synthesizers, field recordings, modular synths and sound engineering. Fond of sampling real-world environments, transformed through magnetic tape distortion, modular synthesis and assorted effect pedals, MAYSUN creates complex and immersive soundscapes, melding digital and organic.

Among his works are the extended plays All These Are the Days (2016), The Field of Living (2016) and Sun & Ice (2017). He recently released two albums, Waiting Spaces (2020) and The After Mountains (2020), and his assets otherwise include over 600 improvised sets recorded between 2017 and 2021.


Ingenious and innovative percussionist MAYSUN will have festival-goers grooving to the rhythms of compositions both profound and improvised on the outdoor stage at Quartier des spectacles on Thursday, August 26.


Percussion, synths and sound engineer MAYSUN, based in Montréal.


Waiting Spaces (2020)
After Mountains (2020)


Proponent of the DIY movement, MAYSUN creates and shapes his own instruments, samples and mics, and also owns an impressive collection of handmade Morfbeats percussion instruments.