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oOps.50656 explores the poetic aspect of new media through a planetary perspective, with real-time multisensory abstract experiences and glimpses of humanity, audio/visual performances, generative art, installations, and new media art projects. The team is known for artworks presented at various music and tech festivals, as well as art spaces around the world. Recently, they have showcased works at WeSA (2019), MUTEK.JP+MX (2020), Prectxe (2020) and Paradise Art Lab (2022).

Their multidisciplinary research on the relationships between urbanization and nature, humans and technology, deficiencies and aesthetic possibilities, hinges on the belief that "everything alive makes a sound." oOps.50656 is involved with digital art, intelligent interfaces, digital music and computational aesthetics through real-time visualization, art and science. The team collaborates with musicians, sound engineers, programmers, dancers, poets, scientists, movements, artistic activism, and a myriad of people from different fields. Recently-commissioned projects were notably presented at the National Theatre of Korea (2022) and in the Generac 7.1.4 Sound Showroom at Sama Sound Festival (2022).

Organotopia reflects a world in which nature and humans are becoming intertwined in the present time and space, a world where fixed temporality has vanished. Light and sound leave traces of time and depict a landscape of endless paradigms coexisting with multiple and simultaneous viewpoints: humans within cities and nature; immateriality, virtuality and reality; the ‘time-space’ continuum; and the interior and the exterior.

oOps.50656 generates point clouds using data from the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, as well as images of landscape and forests captured by the artists. They create soundscapes by sampling sounds recorded in nature as well as sounds produced through modular synthesizers using granular synthesis.


oOps.50656 (organic-Operators) is an audiovisual and new media art collective consisting of South-Korean artists Gyuchul Moon and Sunjeong Hwang.