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With nearly two decades of collaboration and production under his belt, prolific producer and DJ Ghislain Poirier is at his best when it comes to building bridges between disparate sounds. His worldwide tours (from Uganda to China and from Haiti to Cuba) have solidified his status as an established artist. His monthly Qualité de Luxe nights have earned him a reputation for promoting the richness of African and Caribbean sounds. Poirier's music is always warm, as evidenced by his ten albums and multiple EPs for labels such as Wonderwheel Recordings and Ninja Tune. Musically, the album Migration (2016) fuses reggae, electronic music, dancehall and dub into a brilliant collaborative offering. It was followed by the Be Alright EP (2017).

In 2020, the album Soft Power showcases his ability to step back and let his many collaborations shine - from Mélissa Laveaux's searing vocals on Do Kase to the West African-influenced track Nidiaye Sam with Daby Touré.

Poirier CA/QC Soft Power

After his latest album Soft Power released in June 2020, Poirier presents for the first time a hybrid DJ set related to this album and other recent songs from his repertoire. For the occasion, he will be accompanied by guitarist Funk Lion, singer Samito and singer Flavia Nascimento who all participated in the album. To be discovered on Tuesday August 24th at the Quartier des Spectacles' Parterre.


Ghislain Poirier, prolific Canadian producer, musician and DJ, with an emphasis on eclectic collaborations and building bridges between languages, cultures and communities.


Ninja Tune, Wonderwheel Recordings, Nice Up Records


Soft Power (2020)
Be Alright EP (2017)
Migration ‎(2016)


For his album Soft Power, Poirier notes how important it is to avoid falling into the trap of "transactions and the monetization of capitalism," to resist rushing, and instead to privilege reflection, connection, and dialogue in musical collaboration.