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Priori & Jason VoltaireCA/QC

Priori & Jason Voltaire<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Priori & Jason VoltaireCA/QC
Play 2

08.24 | 21:30_23:15 Montréal time
Live A/V: 22:15_23:15 Montréal time

Virtual Play 2 - Première (MTL)

08.27 | 20:00_21:30
Live A/V: 20:30_21:30

Virtual Play 2 - Replay (EU)

08.28 | 14:00_15:30
Live A/V: 14:30_15:30

Virtual Play 2 - Replay (JP)

08.28 | 07:00_08:30
Live A/V: 07:30_08:30

Forging cosmic, frenetic techno and IDM creations out of the remains of the past, Priori's productions are euphoric, layered, and organic all at once, Francis Latreille crafts unique dance music that pierces the veil of musical reality and opens up open up new spaces.
Raised in Longueuil, Quebec, Latreille stumbled into techno through an accidental Kazaa download, which led to an obsession with dance music and the creation of the Francis Oak moniker. Following a residency at Montréal’s Le Bleury Bar à Vinyle, and a friendship with Patrick Holland that birthed 2016’s warmly nostalgic Jump Source project, Latreille decided to form the NAFF label alongside fellow Montréal producer Adam Feingold. 2020 sees the birth of a new sub-label on NAFF, entitled Garmo, full of trippy, propulsive techno that showcases Latreille's knack for textural sounds and proficiency for uniquely hypnotic sound.

Jason Voltaire is a Montréal-based interdisciplinary artist. An in-demand motion graphics designer and programmer, Voltaire has worked with artists such as Jacques Greene, Avalon Emerson and Young Galaxy. He is perhaps best known under his dance music/DJ pseudonym, Martyn Bootyspoon.

Priori & Jason Voltaire CA/QC
World Premiere

Armed with a deep respect for ever-shifting permutations of techno and IDM, Priori's productions morph and shift with every release, channelling murky acid lines, trance-influenced euphoria, and spacey, organic breakbeats. Propulsive, unique dance music that pierces the veil of musical reality to open up new spaces. For this 22nd edition, Priori will be premiering for the first time a unique live ambient set, specially created for the festival and accompanied by visuals from Jason Voltaire.


Montréal-based DJ and producer Francis Latreille (formerly Francis Oak), half of Ntel alongside Ex-Terrestrial, part of ANF with Dust-e-1, and sharing Jump Source credits with Patrick Holland. Jason Voltaire is a Montréal-based interdisciplinary artist best known under his dance music/DJ pseudonym Martyn Bootyspoon.


NAFF, Echovolt Records, DustWORLD, Garmo


Little Flower (Not on Label, 2021)
(Not on Label, 2020)
EP (DustWORLD, 2020)
Priori Presents RED
(143) (Garmo, 2020)


Latreille masterminded an album of synthesizer experiments backed by saxophone musings under the New World Science moniker, collaborating with Ex-Terrestrial, Ramzi, and R Weng.