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Roman FlügelDE

Roman Flügel<sup>DE</sup>
Roman FlügelDE

08.24 | 11:00 pm_6:00 am

Roman Flügel is renowned for his dynamic approach and deep-rooted involvement in the evolution of the German techno and house scenes. A true eclectic, Flügel's career spans decades, with significant contributions as a DJ, producer, and co-founder of influential labels such as Ongaku, Klang Elektronik, and Playhouse.
Flügel’s musical journey began in his hometown of Darmstadt, influenced by early exposure to Chicago house music. This foundational experience propelled him into the vibrant nightlife of Frankfurt, where he immersed himself in its rich electronic music culture. His education in musicology further deepened his understanding and appreciation of music, which is evident in his thoughtful DJ sets and productions.
As a producer, Flügel is known for his versatility, releasing music under various aliases and exploring a range of styles from ambient to techno. Flügel’s distinct sound is characterized by an ability to blend abstract, tense elements with warmth and inclusivity, making his music both intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging. His ongoing contributions to the scene are marked by innovation and a willingness to push boundaries, ensuring his lasting impact on electronic music both in Germany and internationally.

Roman Flügel DETracks on Delivery

Roman Flügel’s MUTEK performance promises an exploration of electronic landscapes, crafted through a deep dive into his diverse sonic palette. Flügel's work, driven by a curiosity for unexpected sound combinations and a profound understanding of dance music's dynamics, offers an immersive experience that highlights his distinct approach to DJing and live sets.

Presented with the support of the Consultate General of Germany in Montreal.

Roman Flügel is a German artist, DJ and label producer based in Berlin.


Lucky Charm (2023)
Balmy Evening (2022)
Ro70 (2022)
Brian Le Bon (2022)


As a teenager, Roman Flügel explored different styles and sounds thanks to his musician uncle's collection of instruments.