Montréal Québec Canada
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RONY is a Haitian-Canadian artist based in Montreal. Their work is inspired by spaces visited in dreams. They combine the figurative with the abstract and experiment with textures and dense collages of field recordings to explore the sonic architecture of the unconscious. RONY's sound design sculpts the ambiguous relics of the mind and aims to sew them into this spectrum of reality.

Photo credit: Chris Vargas

RONY HT/QC Flowers of Resilience

For MUTEK, RONY presents Flowers of Resilience. It is a tale of geotraumas. In this piece, they explore their Ayisyen roots through a soundscape of field recordings with multi-layered walls of sounds and earthy textures ripping through the sonic field while echoing the pain & the joy of Haiti’s history. It is an expression of psychic revelations of forgotten monuments sculpted in volume.