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Salar AnsariIR/US

Salar Ansari<sup>IR/US</sup>
Salar AnsariIR/US

08.25 | 10:30 pm_3:00 am

Credit: Andre Moore

Salar Ansari is a DJ, producer, and influential figure in the electronic music scene. Born and raised in Tehran, he emerged from the city's underground, absorbing diverse musical influences that shaped his distinctive blend of techno, house, and Persian rhythms. Co-founding Analog Room, Salar played a key role in promoting regional electronic talent and fostering cross-cultural exchange.
Settling in Detroit, Ansari became a sought-after collaborator due to his deep understanding of sound engineering, working with some of the city's finest artists. His productions earned him the 2021 Detroit Music Award for Best Electronic Album. Co-founding Feeder-Loft Studio with Luis Resto, he nurtures the next generation of electronic music talent.
He also shares his expertise through workshops at institutions like the Interlochen Arts Academy and the University of Michigan. From global performances to credits on seminal record labels like Blue Note Records, Ansari’s career reflects a dedication to pushing creative boundaries while staying true to underground roots.

Salar Ansari IR/US
Live | Canadian premiere

Salar Ansari, an influential DJ and producer from Tehran, crafts a dynamic blend of techno, house, and Persian rhythms. His live PA performances, using a mixer and outboard effects, adapt to the room for an engaging experience. Co-founder of Analog Room and Feeder-Loft Studio, Salar's deep sound engineering expertise shapes his distinct sound.


Salar Ansari is a DJ and producer from Tehran and based in Detroit.