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Sheenah KoCA/QC

Sheenah Ko<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Sheenah KoCA/QC
Expérience 5

08.26 | 5:00 pm_12:00 pm
Live: 5:50 pm_6:50 pm

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Spending her time between Montréal and Saguenay, Chinese-Irish electronic musician Sheenah Ko has been busy in the past year, as she released a new album, Future is Now, and a collaborative EP with musician Navet Confit, Sheenah Ko X Navet Confit. Far from being new in the Canadian independent music scene, she has been the keyboardist for a wide array of music projects like The Besnard Lakes, Le Couleur and Antoine Corriveau. Ko's upbeat, positive attitude permeates her solo project, being in the highly danceable beats, colorful visual aesthetics and catchy synth lines and vocals. Her sound has a nostalgic feel to it, inspired by the best of 80s pop music, but it also feels undeniably unique. Through her spacey synth-pop music, she shares her energy and optimism and it feels truly heartfelt. Her music is like a good dose of happy feelings that leaves us refreshed and enthused. Ko is currently working on a new album.

Montréal-based musician Sheenah Ko presents her latest album, Future is Now, and its hypnotic, dancey songs, filled with raw emotions. A real feast for analog synth lovers, Ko's expansive 80s flavored compositions are an ode to atypical synth-pop music.


Sheenah Ko is a synth-pop musician based in Montréal and Saguenay. She has been the keyboardist of multiple bands such as The Besnard Lakes, Le Couleur and Antoine Corriveau.


Lazy At Work


Sheenah Ko X Navet Confit (Lazy At Work, 2022)

Future Is Now (Lazy At Work, 2022)

The Synth Wave Project EP (2021)

Nowhere In Time (2020)


The music video for the song Wrap Me Up won Best Choreography at the UK Music Video Awards of 2020.