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Connect Insomnia - Première (MTL)

08.27 | 22:00_23:00
Live: 22:40_23:00

Connect Insomnia - Replay (EU)

08.28 | 16:00_17:00
Live: 16:40_17:00

Connect Insomnia - Replay (JP)

08.28 | 09:00_10:00
Live: 09:40_10:00

Tadleeh is the musical project of producer Hazina Francia. She recently released her last EP Ego Will Collapse on Yegorka. This record is a feat of complex and emotional confession. Six distinct tracks sustain a motif of chaos and disorder, a loss of balance and reason; of love destroying a heart from within. Raw dark reminder, soaring red out of a void, Tadleeh moves with paced and firm urgency, her record a rhythmed account of pain and transformation. Despite drawing from a variety of the artist’s cultural heritages and extending from her previous work, Ego Will Collapse rings true unto itself, a denuded release.

Photo credit: Riccardo Fantoni

Tadleeh IT

For MUTEK, Tadleeh will present her own universe, both dark and ethereal: an experimental electronic music that will plunge you into a very special atmosphere.

Presented by Insomnia as part of the SHAPE Platform, funded by Creative Europe.


Ego Will Collapse (Yegorka 2019)