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The Cyclistie

The Cyclist<sup>ie</sup>
The Cyclistie
Nocturne 5

08.27 | 10:00 pm_4:00 am
Live: 2:45 am_3:45 am

Andrew Morrison, aka The Cyclist, hails from Derry, Northern Ireland. Now based in Liverpool, he is best known for creating a lo-fi, analog, psychedelic club sound that he aptly defines as “tape throb”. Influenced by an eclectic assortment of music ranging from Krautrock and 60’s Psychedelia to House, Techno, Jungle, Breakbeat, Trance and Dub, Morrison pushes the unique distortion of magnetic tape to its extremes, crafting mesmerizing textures and grooves through layers of synths, samples, vocals, battered analog drum machines and heavily-processed live instruments. In addition to his The Cyclist moniker, Morrison released tracks under a number of other aliases, namely Buz Ludzha and Indopan, on iconic labels such as Stones Throw, Leaving Records, 100% Silk, Hypercolour, All City and Music Is For Losers, as well as his own label Tape Throb Records. From his debut album Bending Brass, released on cassette on Crash Symbols in 2011, to his most recent Yupana, Andy Morrison creates ramshackle electronic music both visceral and cerebral, replete with deeply nostalgic yet eminently contemporary undertones.

The Cyclist’s performances never disappoint. But in order to be fully understood, they must be seen and heard live, and at full volume. Favoring an approach that does not tolerate laptops, The Cyclist will propose an intoxicating blend of reworked original compositions, punctuated with unreleased material and live improvisations for his first appearance at MUTEK Montréal.


Andrew Morrison, aka The Cyclist, is a Northern Irish producer and composer now based in Liverpool, also known under the pseudonyms Buz Ludzha and Indopa.


100% Silk, Rudimentary Records, Hypercolour, Tape Throb Records, Stones Throw, All City


Yupana (100% Silk, 2023)

STP EP (Rudimentary Records, 2022)

Weather Underground EP (100% Silk, 2020)


The Cyclist hosts Liverpool’s Overload nights and associated radio show, dedicated to crunchy House, Jungle, Techno and Psychedelic dance music.