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VGV & ChecaCL

VGV & Checa<sup>CL</sup>
VGV & ChecaCL

VGV is Valentina González, DJ, singer and producer based in Santiago, Chile. Part of a larger group of self-taught producers from the city, she formed alongside her cousin Virago their duo Les Premes, with five years of activity in the Latin American party circuit.

Based in Chile since 2015, Checa began as a visualist in itinerant parties in uninhabited houses and buildings, where she deepened in the improvised dialogue between infrastructure, materiality and image. She has participated in various festivals and concerts such as the Órbita, Recreo, VJ Sgo, Ciclo Alonso Festival, as well as visual concerts at the 2017 Medial Arts Biennial and the Violeta Parra Museum, among others.

VGV & Checa CL

With a more personal approach, often described as electronic bedroom music, VGV sits away from the crowds and explores the world of soundtracks, electro and IDM. Elongated choruses and melodies as the core of her sound, VGV plays with nostalgia and friendship, often collaborating in series of short, editorial films, and remixes with local artists. This time, she will join forces with Checa for an exclusive new audiovisual performance.

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