Montréal Québec Canada
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© Niels Freidel

Sonic and visual landscapes occupy a central place in .VRIL’s work, who places particular importance in the atmospheres that emanate from them. His productions, characterized by mesmerizing melodies and dark basslines, give rise to undeniably danceable sets, first resonating at Berghain in 2011.
Released in 2014, his album Torus became a reference in the Dub Techno genre thanks to its reinterpretation of the style, adding decidedly more experimental and ambient notes produced by a wavetable synthesizer. His latest solo album Animist, released in March 2023 on Delsin Records/Amsterdam, is the result of a meticulous blend of industrial sound textures and repetitive beats with dub undertones. This collection of sounds cultivated by .VRIL, combined with the rigorous attention he places on his arrangements, compound his unique and visionary style.
Nevertheless, the German artist shrouds himself in mystery, much like his live performances, during which one struggles to even distinguish him. Those live performances, prized for their intensity and impact, explore new phonic frameworks and offer a deeply cathartic experience.

Known for his ability to craft immersive atmospheres, .VRIL will showcase the gamut of his Dub Techno sounds at this year’s MUTEK, focusing on tracks from his latest album Animist. The musical performance will be enhanced by a stimulating visual environment, thus creating a truly comprehensive experience.


German electronic music artist .VRIL transforms the Dub Techno genre with his signature approach, characterized by repetitive rhythms, deep basslines and ethereal synth layers.


Animist (Delsin Records, 2023)

Alte Seele (Delsin Records, 2021)

Anima Mundi (Delsin Records, 2018)


.VRIL’s pseudonym was inspired by a sci-fi concept developed by writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his novel The Coming Race. “Vril” constitutes a mystical energy that powers the sophisticated technologies of a new species of subterranean creatures.