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Usine C

This summer, MUTEK is partnering for the first time with the international media art plaform INSCAPE and Usine C to present two unique evenings that celebrate the creative relationship between Canada and the Republic of Korea entitled: <INSCAPE: NEW HOMEOSTASIS>

Taking place the weekend before the 24th edition of the MUTEK festival, the event showcases eight new performances specially commissioned for the occasion. Exploring the concept of homeostasis—the process by which a living system maintains stability despite external disturbances—these works highlight the imbalance between our material civilization and humanity's spiritual capacity to make sense of it in the new technological and post-pandemic landscape.

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Friday, August 18th, 8 pm

Olivia Lathuilliere CA/QCDéliquescence Cosmique | Sahar Homami IR/DENew Homeostasis | GRAYCODE, jiiiiin KRorbital formality | Martin Messier CA/QC1 DROP 1000 Years

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Saturday, August 19th, 8 pm

Kohui KRPerceive | Ida Toninato & Pierre-Luc Lecours CA/QCHomeostasis | SUSY.TECHNOLOGY CA/QCASTATIC | YEONO KRReal vs UnReal

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INSCAPE 1600x851 B


Olivia-Faye Lathuillière CA/QC

Olivia-Faye Lathuillière centers her approach on the body and its intimate relationship with the environment. She created installations and sound sculptures, then progressively moved to performing arts. Bodies, objects in motion and the ephemeral are among the concepts that systematically emerge from her work, whether material or scenic. Constantly shifting from installations to performances, video and photography, her art has been showcased internationally at a number of festivals and galleries. In 2016, she founded EQUIVOC, a company creating contemporary art, sound installations and immersive choreographic explorations.The artist also produces and directs music videos for Montréal’s independent music scene, most notably for Chevalier Avant Garde, Hélène Barbier, ItchySelf and YlangYlang.

Credit : Frédérique Ménard-Aubin

MUTEK23 270822 Olivia Lathuilliere credit Fre de rique Me nard Aubin 1922

Sahar Homami IR/DE

Sahar Homami is an audiovisual artist/programmer, calligrapher and researcher from Tehran, based in Berlin and Montréal. Their background and approach is multidisciplinary and experimental, driven by combining art, technology, philosophy, and mysticism. Their artistic practice assumes different formats while maintaining a strong anchor on storytelling and real-time generative art, calling it live poetic cinema. Homami’s artistic interest is motivated by great emphasis on concept and content, which goes under critical research. They strive to push the boundaries of perception and consciousness, to expand our art of seeing. To Homami, seeing spans knowledge, art, ethos and politics. The art of seeing is the art of being human.

Credit : Cédric Lecat

Sahar Homami Credit Cedric Le Cat 2021

GRAYCODE, jiiiiin KR

As electroacoustic music composers, Korean artists Jinhee Jung and Taebok Cho have been collaborating in the field of sound and new media. They manage various media in the form of sound, video, installation, and sculpture through their individual work, and also have been succeeding as a collaboration, GRAYCODE, jiiiiin. In 2018, their piece +3x10^8m/s, beyond the light velocity was presented with the Giga-Hertz Production Prize from ZKM in Karlsruhe Germany.

GRAYCODE jiiiiin

Martin Messier CA/QC

Martin Messier has been creating works merging sounds, objects and images for over fifteen years. His performances and installations, with clear choreographic undertones, place the body at the forefront of the experience. Having studied composition at Université de Montréal, he shifts toward an experimental sound practice that integrates image and video, and quickly starts developing performative audiovisual devices featuring everyday objects and the sound potential of materials. Messier produced several collaborative projects over the years, namely alongside Nicolas Bernier, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Anne Thériault, Jacques Poulin-Denis and Yro (Élie Blanchard). Presented in over 50 countries, his work has been widely praised and received several awards. A member of Perte de signal, a self-managed artistic hub located in Montréal’s Mile End, he also founded 14 lieux in 2010, a sound production company geared at the performing arts, where he acts as general and artistic director.

Martin Messier 1

Kohui KR

Kohui’s work imagines new perspectives through the merging of sight and sound, striving for the interplay of sensory experience through various approaches in virtual environments. His work is in particular focused on the generation of landscapes in algorithmic processes inspired by natural phenomena, while also considering the relationship between sound and people, society, and nature.


Ida Toninato & Pierre-Luc Lecours CA/QC

Having earned her doctorate at Université de Montréal, saxophonist and composer Ida Toninato continues to hone her artistic practice through a combination of experimental and acoustic explorations, the use of resonating spaces and the creation of hybrid soundscapes. Having released two solo albums (one of which was composed entirely in a gigantic water tank) as well as a JUNO and Opus-nominated collaborative album with violist Jennifer Thiessen, she also collaborated in such diverse fields as cinema, ambiant and contemporary music. Toninato’s research into sound vibrations earned her residencies in Brazil and Europe, and her performances have been received all over the world.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in digital music and a master’s in composition from Université de Montréal, composer and multidisciplinary artist Pierre-Luc Lecours conveys his art across multiple mediums and aesthetics. Taking cues from heterogeneous sources, from contemporary acoustic music to experimental electronica, his pieces shatter modern musical conventions and explore new forms of audiovisual expression. Lecours’ work has been presented and praised at numerous events, both local and international.

Credit : Frédérique Ménard-Aubin

MUTEK22 Ida Toninato et Pierre Luc Lecours credit Frederique Menard Aubin MG 9293


SUSY.TECHNOLOGY operates as a collective of artists based in Montréal (Tio'tia:ke). Founded in 2015, it includes Milo Reinhardt (/||\||\), Teo Zamudio, Cat Lamoureux (Valeda) and Xavier Arocha (Witnessing). As solo artists and as a collective, their creative endeavours take on many forms, spanning the converging spheres of music, digital art, performance, immersive sound, video and installation.
SUSY.TECHNOLOGY has been invited to develop audio-visual and installation works for many local and international institutions such as MUTEK, the Society for Arts and Technology, Red Bull Music Academy, Forms Festival, and Sight + Sound festival. As a collective, they travelled to France in 2019 to complete a residency at Château Éphémère where they developed an immersive VR installation and in 2020 members of SUSY.TECHNOLOGY collaborated on a commission for the International Symposium for Electronic Arts.

Susy tech


Veteran media artist YEONO has participated in a number of festivals and events as an audiovisual artist, sound designer, and filmmaker. Through his real-time interactive performance ‘Real vs Unreal’, he raise awareness about the new landscape of human-AI relationship to the viewers by sharing his perspective in terms of co-creation of art with artificial intelligence.

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