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August 17, 2023
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6 free DJ sets complete MUTEK Montréal’s programming

MUTEK23 machìna 270822 Vivien Gaumand 40 min

With its free outdoor stage called "Expérience," MUTEK Montréal aims to captivate the both its local audience and tourists venturing onto Esplanade Tranquille.

Over 30 performances will take place from August 22nd to 27th between 5 PM and 11 PM (midnight on Friday and Saturday); all of them will be "Live" except for 6 DJ sets:

TSVI: His Bass, Club, and Experimental universe propels London's underground rave scene to new heights.

Expérience 1 | Tuesday, August 22nd

NegoO: His musical palette from Batida, Afrobeat, Electro, and Kuduro, as well as NegoO's recent collaboration with the Moonshine collective has solidified his status.

Expérience 2 | Wednesday, August 23rd

upsammy b2b Mika Oki: With their Flemish influences seamlessly merging Bass, Breakbeat, and Jungle for two hours of intensive marathon.

Expérience 3 | Thursday, August 24th

Eris Drew: A legendary vinyl DJ and founder of the T4T LUV NRG music label, Eris Drew skillfully mixes Breakbeat and House.

Expérience 4 | Friday, August 25th

Nick León: An influential figure in Miami's vibrant club scene, Nick León creates vibrant sets covering Bass, Reggaeton, and Techno.

Expérience 5 | Saturday, August 26th

Cinthie: Radiant both in DJing and production, Cinthie has left an indelible mark on the Berlin House scene for decades.

Expérience 6 | Sunday, August 27th

Not to be missed indoors: Jennifer Cardini

Now based in Berlin, the French artist offers DJ sets that merge techno, electro, and disco in the world's most prestigious clubs (Panorama Bar in Berlin, De School in Amsterdam, Lux in Lisbon, Good Room in New York) as well as in the trendiest festivals (Melt, Nuit Sonores, Burning Man). Jennifer Cardini will perform the only indoor DJ set of the MUTEK’s 24th edition!

Catch her on Saturday August 26th for Métropolis 2

So what's the difference between a live set and a DJ set?

Here’s the difference: A "Live set" implies that artists create original music on the spot, showcasing their raw creativity in the moment. In contrast, a "DJ set" is a complex mix of meticulously chosen pre-recorded tracks, most often produced by others, skillfully blended to create a unique sonic journey.

Why are there so few DJ sets at MUTEK?

Since its inception, MUTEK has stood out for its commitment to experimentation, research, and taking risks. By emphasizing these aspects, the Festival prioritizes the presentation of live performances, allowing artists to unveil unreleased projects. This approach goes back to the roots of electronic music creation, thus distinguishing the organization since its beginnings.

More information on the complete program

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