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June 13, 2013
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A heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to one of MUTEK's most electrifying editions in Montreal!

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Photo credit: Caroline Hayeur / Agence Stock Photo

We know: it's hard to wrap our heads around the fact that MUTEK's 14th edition is already a thing of the past. But before you let us indulge in a healthy bit of nostalgia, let it be known that this year's festival will go down in the annals of MUTEK history as one of the event's most rapturous yet!

We owe a huge part of that success to you, our treasured festivalgoers, who showed up from near and far, eager to take in five utterly unforgettable days featuring over 75 performances by a smattering of local and international artists. Your enthusiasm was infectious, reaching its apex during a breathtaking closing night showcase at the Maison symphonique. Clearly, this year's mighty MUTEK marathon gave way to so many standout performances that it would be impossible to mention them all.

Here are a few moments that we'll be talking about for years to come:

MUTEK is extremely proud to have featured three diverse performances by British electronic pioneer MATTHEW HERBERT, the highlight of which was One Pig - a visual, sonic and scent-laden spectacle that left ticketgoers in awe at the Monument-National on the festival's opening night. Alongside his five lab coat-clad musicians as well as Martin Juneau, a renowned Quebec chef invited to cook pork on stage, the performance that delves into the life of a pig from birth, to slaughter, to plate, played to great acclaim before a crowd hungry for unique experiences.

For his part, multifaceted German pianist NILS FRAHM came away from Montreal as one of the festival's unquestionable revelations, bringing the crowd to its feet on more than one occasion. While he was originally slated to only perform once at the Monument-National, the man of many pianos and synths also took part in Sunday's Boiler Room showcase as well as the closing night A/VISIONS at the Maison symphonique, where he delivered a riveting, absolutely unforgettable performance.

An undisputed highlight of the Nocturne series, Japanese digital artist RYOICHI KUROKAWA was tagged as one of the festival's finest discoveries, sweeping so many patrons off their feet with the sheer power of his audacious audiovisual spectacle. Instead of showcasing his timeless, multi-screen live performance as part of the A/VISIONS program at the Monument-National, MUTEK curators shook up audience expectations by programming his spatial-time sculptures in the roomy Metropolis.

The NOCTURNE programs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday gave access to both Métropolis and SAT. The Red Bull Music Academy stage presented at the Society for Arts and Technology showcased local artists as BOUNDARY, GRAZE or DEADBEAT.

Saturday's all-night Nocturne event was marked by an uninterrupted stream of compelling performances, not least of which was Ohio-born, Berlin-based JOHN ROBERTS, whose emotionally delicate new techno material riled up the sea of patrons who'd gathered seeking their annual dose of dance floor enlightenment.

Lastly, the festival ended in a blaze of glory on Sunday at the Maison symphonique - the OSM's headquarters - which MUTEK took over for the very first time. The stately space's impressive acoustics proved ideal to showcase the leftfield sounds and unusual rhythms of PANTHA DU PRINCE, accompanied by a team of percussionists from THE BELL LABORATORY. Their Sunday night performance before a capacity crowd was so breathtaking that the public disregarded conventional wisdom about proper symphony hall etiquette, and transformed the space into an uninhibited dance floor.

MUTEK wants to thank all the local artists that came this year for the EXPERIENCE and PLAY stages. It was one of the most accomplished edition, and we couldn't have dreamed up a better outcome for this 14th edition, which served as a great appetizer in the lead-up to next year, when MUTEK will celebrate its 15th anniversary in Montreal. The stage is now set, and we're already hard at work piecing together this important milestone edition. We look forward to having you back next year for another indelible week of electronic music and digital creativity magic!

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