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March 27, 2024
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MUTEK and the SAT announce strategic alliance

MUTEK24 20230827 Page Vide VJ Jules Roze Frédérique Ménard Aubin 6840

Montreal, Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - The Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) and MUTEK Festival initiate a new phase in their enduring collaboration, sealing a strategic partnership to consolidate the landscape of digital art and creativity in Montreal. This association marks a new era of inspiring synergies, embodied first and foremost by the relocation of the MUTEK team to the renovated SAT premises, and the sharing of certain human resources.

Well beyond an entertainment venue, the SAT is a 44,000 sq. ft. creative hub spanning an immersive dome (Satosphère) and offering a collective infrastructure for creation, production, dissemination, and training in the digital arts. By welcoming MUTEK, the SAT confirms its commitment to acting as a driver of digital culture, offering an environment conducive to innovation and avant-garde artistic collaborations.

On the cusp of its 25th edition, MUTEK is recognized worldwide as a catalyst for encounters between the most visionary digital artists and loyal, inquisitive audiences. This is made possible by a strong local anchoring and an extensive international network. By settling at the SAT, MUTEK will benefit from a year-round platform to further encourage the dissemination, promotion, production, and development of emerging forms of digital creativity and electronic music.

The pooling of resources between the SAT and MUTEK embodies a strategic alliance, strengthening their ability to serve their shared missions and fulfill their responsibilities to their respective communities. By combining their skillsets, while retaining their singularity and independence, both institutions are committed to diversifying their programming, offering audiences a unique artistic experience. This collaboration will also encourage mediation, learning and knowledge sharing opportunities, and provide an innovative environment conducive to attracting and retaining talent. MUTEK's expertise on the international scene will also be a major asset in contributing to the SAT's international outreach.

"The SAT and MUTEK teams have worked closely for several years. This new strategic alliance will consolidate a robust creation and dissemination hub for the music and digital arts sector, and provide fertile ground for the development of new synergies. This gathering is all the more relevant in the current context of budget cuts for the cultural sector." - Jenny Thibault, General Manager, Society for Arts and Technology

“As we celebrate MUTEK's 25th anniversary this year, relocating to the SAT sends out a strong signal of cross leadership, aiming to provide the digital milieu with a new creative hub that we aspire to be dynamic and open onto the world. For us, having a foothold in the Quartier des spectacles is also quite exciting, as most of MUTEK Festival and Forum are anchored there. We're now looking forward to the prospect of being able to be more active in the area all year round.” - Alain Mongeau, MUTEK General and Artistic Director

Photo Credit: Frédérique Ménard-Aubin, MUTEK Edition 24 at Satosphère.

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