Montréal Québec Canada
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September 2, 2020
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MUTEK Edition 21: A local artistic community inspiring unity

MUTEK20 230819 CMD Vivien Gaumand 04

Credit: CMD by Vivien Guamand at MUTEK - 2019

As in previous editions, the programming will be structured into a series of programs that help audiences choose from among the many facets of the festival.

From Tuesday evening to Thursday, the Play series's five double programs carve out space for experimentation inside Place des Arts’ Cinquième Salle. Play highlights the exploratory, visceral and playful character of contemporary artists in digital art, audiovisual creation, and electronic music.

Alexis Langevin-Tétrault CA/QCHypercube (one) / Anne-F Jacques CA/QCQuelque chose qui accroche / Ben Shemie CA/QCA Single Point Of Light / Cy-Ens IR/QC Lullabyte Portamenti / GGROUNDD CA/QCLIMIT BRICK / Le désert mauve FR+CA/QC / Martin Messier CA/QCEcho Chamber / Mimi Allard & Gabriel Lavoie Viau CA/QC4:3 / Pelada CA/QCEstímulo / Tati au Miel CA/QC


7 Echo Chamber credit Martin Messier

The Expérience series, which is typically held outdoors on the Esplanade de la Place des Arts, includes four double programs that highlight eclecticism and meetings of musical styles, from pop to classical music, as well as Afro-Caribbean influences, and a simultaneous journey to three continents (America, Asia and Europe).

Automatisme CA/QCAlter- / Bleue CA/QC / Chris Salter & Alexandre Saunier CA/QCSNN#3: Forms of the Living / Guillaume Coutu-Dumont CA/QCLes Empires / Ouri FR/QC The Bionic Harpist US/QC / Vigliensoni CA/QCClastic Music / Zandoli II & The Wasafari CA/QCMirroring Shadows



Finally, the Nocturne series consists of three programs of four performances each devoted to forms of electronic music that are more rhythmic and captivating, and will be presented inside the Satosphère's immersive 360° environment, from Friday, September 11 to Sunday, September 13.

Alicia Hush & Elysha Poirier CA/QCWishing Well / Boogieman & Samito CA/QC+MZ/QCSom de Kusom / BunBun CA/QC / CMD CA/QC / Desert Bloom CA/QC / Diagraf CA/QC / laced CA/QC / LLL FR/QC / Melesul3 CA/QC / Musique Nouvelle CA/QC / Myriam Boucher CA/QC / Neo Edo CA/QCA World Within a World / Poirier CA/QC / Priori CA/QC / Racine CA/QC / Softcoresoft CA/QC / T. Gowdy CA/QC — De Bias / TiND CA/QC


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