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March 4, 2024
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MUTEK LIVE of the week : 324 - 326

MUTEK24 20230823 Open Reel Ensemble Bruno Aiello Destombes 055 min

Every year, during the festival, we record the performances to let you relive those unique moments shared on the dance floor. This week, the performances come to us from three continents with OBUXUM, Open Reel Ensemble and Outro.


Interconnectedness draws its inspiration from the profound concept of collective consciousness. Guided by the visionary OBUXUM, this one-hour immersive experience promises to transport the audience on a transcendent journey, a voyage filled with spatially intricate rhythms, captivating textures, and profound depth.

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Open Reel Ensemble

Open Reel Ensemble uses vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders as instruments by combining them with the latest technology and other unusual finds. They continue to explore new possibilities granted by reel-to-reel tape recorders by modifying their shapes and configurations. Open Reel Ensemble’s music is undoubtedly unique, but it is the spectacle – the cobbled creations and the physical performances – that makes each concert truly fascinating.

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Argentine producer Outro explores Patagonia's lush, complex land in Intemperie, a music and visual work that acts as a dialogue between the sound manipulation of these environments and the music they inspire. Organic and electronic, poetic, noisy, Intemperie is a series of landscapes and experimentations for the dance floor magnified by the visuals of Juliana Manarino Tachella.

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