Montréal Québec Canada
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April 4, 2016
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MUTEKLIVE103 - Fake_Electronics

103 Fake Electronics 900x670


Since a decisive Plastikman awakening early on in his teens, Hamilton-born, Montréal-based DJ/producer Jesse Morrison’s commitment to mind and body dazzling grooves has remained steadfast. Drawn to Montréal by the blooming microhouse scene of the early 2000s, Morrison’s lush minimalism has found its way into myriad local venues over the last decade. As Ana+one, and as one half of Yes Ma’am (alongside fellow Ontario expat Alicia Hush), Morrison has further refined his tech housey soundscapes. Fake_Electronics, his latest undertaking, was born of an unadulterated love for analog. Morrison, who performed live under the Fake_Electronics banner at MUTEK 2014, returned to Montreal’s contemporary arts museum to offer up more in the way of delicate rhythms and emotion laden textures and the latest chapter in his ongoing, abstract exploration of modular synthesis.

Mastered by LANDR.

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