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September 1, 2016
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110 Jlin 900x670

Friday, June 3, 2016 - Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC)
Mastered by Pheek.

WHO: Gary, Indiana producer, musician and DJ Jerilynn Patton

STYLE: Hard footwork house, astute production choices in a tenacious stream of vocals and arrhythmic percussion

LATEST: Free Fall EP (2015), Dark Energy (2015)

LABELS: Planet Mu, Knives

MORE: While her music elaborates on dark, after-hours places of the heart and mind, Jlin is a steel-mill worker by day and up by dawn

Jlin commands dark and bright tones to mingle in exquisitely warped synth drones and vocals layered in an arrhythmic field of footwork beats, the rapid-fire underground genre that causes dancers to work up a sweat under its power. Propulsive yet cinematic, Jlin’s original sample-free music isn’t all about the body; it’s as much about the heart-bound mind and its shadowy crevices.

An avid footwork fan since 2003, after hearing tracks by DJ Spinn and DJ C-Bit, and later, DJ Rashad, RP Boo, DJ Elmoe and DJ LA, Jlin started making her own footwork in 2007 and soon counted herself among DJ Roc’s Bosses of The Circle crew. Twenty miles away from Jlin’s home base, Chicago footwork’s ascent caught the ear of none other than UK producer and Planet Mu label head Mike Paradinas – he picked up on Jlin’s gripping style, featuring her 2010 track “Erotic Heart” on the Bangs & Works Vol. 2 mix – effectively launching her as a unique pillar in a globally burgeoning scene. She extended that track to 14 minutes for designer Rick Owens’s Paris fall-winter 2014/15 runway show, shining another brand of spotlight on her sound. Warp Record’s imprint Bleep then installed it on their Top 100 Tracks of 2015 comp. Yet Jlin’s debut album Dark Matter took until 2015 to finalize – it’s a fierce culmination of a lifetime of studied creativity and darkly emotional intensity: “failing and learning” and crafting original ideas (rather than extensive sampling) that nod to the genre’s past and beyond. Not only that but she collaborated with multidisciplinary artist and techno experimenter Holly Herndon for the vocals on her track Expand. Jlin’s follow up EP teems with a cacophony of vocals, grit-dusted bleeps and stuttering bass.

Whatever she’s doing inside footwork, she’s owning it, changing it and expanding its sounds and possibilities. After raucously received DJ sets over the past year, often with footwork dancers by her side, Jlin comes to MUTEK with her new live set, and brings her transfixing DJ set of footwork originators and adventurers to the great outdoors of the Parterre.

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