Montréal Québec Canada
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September 21, 2016
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MUTEKLIVE113 - Lunate

MUTEKLIVE113 Lunate 900x670

Saturday, May 30 - Outdoor Stage
Mastered by Pheek

Translating the moody, melancholic atmosphere of Bogotá into waves of warrior funk, ballroom bass and acid laced trip hop, introspective city slicker Lunate (real name Manuel Cortes) conjures musical poetry of the autobiographical street house variety. His lean, rhythmic assemblages offer pulsating nocturnal laments and groovy, multisensory statements. Equally indebted to Columbian folk and Detroit house and techno, Lunate pieced together his first, eclectically woozy cassette tape for L.A. label 100% Silk. On the EP Far Shores (2014), recorded in Turkey, Colombia and beyond, Lunate achieves a dreamy symbiosis of tweaked out percussion and narco-assisted sampling, leaving listeners to ponder the late night truths he skilfully rubs out. After an appearance during the first edition of MICRO_MUTEK in Bogotá in October 2014, Cortes traveled north to share his suave melodic chords and restless synthesizer climaxes with our bunch of beat-bound urban dwellers with the audience of MUTEK 2015. He returns to the city in 2016 as a Red Bull Music Academy participant!

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