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January 9, 2019
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MUTEKLIVE182 - Jaclyn Kendall

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Jaclyn Kendall (CA)
Saturday August 25, 2018 - MTELUS
Mastered by Pheek

Who: Hamilton-born, Montréal-based electronic producer and DJ

Style: Bass-heavy, gnarly techno; uncompromising 140+ BPM dissonance; reverb-leaking industrial noise.

Labels: Summer Isle

Latest: Pressure Pulses (2017)

More: Last October, Kendall contributed to Power Puerto Rico, a 43-track compilation by Montréal’s Lagom Collective to raise community funds for those directly affected by the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Uncompromising on her quest to devise the most billowing, bass-heavy techno and hardest-edged industrial noise, Kendall’s love for heavy-hitting patterns that surpass the 140 BPM bar is only matched by her yearning to conjure up percussive elements out of everyday objects like coat zippers and shoe strings. Her reverb-leaking, hiss and echo-oozing rhythms are perfect for soundtracking ominous, late-night joy rides.

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