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September 26, 2018
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Throwback to a Memorable 19th Edition

Throwback to a Memorable 19th Edition

Close encounters of the MUTEK kind - Edition 19

From the bottom of our overly full hearts, we would like to thank everyone who took part in this incredible 19th edition of the festival. The largest, most diverse program in the history of MUTEK was a feast for the ears, eyes, mind and soul. We are grateful for all the inspiring speakers and participants who animated the Keychange :: Amplify Symposium with their expertise and insights, as well as the presenters and panelists who brought their skills, experiences and passions to the full week of discursive activities.

To the artists who always deliver fantastical, emotive and ingenious performances, and who are the beating heart of MUTEK, your generosity and art is deeply felt. The festival equation is nothing without the open minds and engagement of the communities, scenes and audiences who gather every year for this brief and intense experience. We are equally indebted to our devoted partners and collaborators without whom the festival couldn’t exist. Deepest gratitude to our team of volunteers who work tirelessly in so many positions on the ground, and a special thanks to PLURI for their help in making MUTEK a kind and welcoming space.

Returning to reality after this supercharged edition, we're ready to take a look back to one of the most diverse editions of MUTEK with a series of videos, recordings and editorial reports.

MUTEK 2018 by the numbers

38 500 festival entries
167 artists from 27 different nationalities in our regular program as well as special events in collaboration with Piknic Électronik, Akousma and Société des arts technologiques involved in 121 performances across more than 20 different programs, including 19 Canadian, 20 North American and 16 world premieres
More than 60 artists and speakers involved in the Keychange :: Amplify project aiming to empower women in electronic music and digital arts, in collaboration with PRS Foundation and British Council
Over 140 industry professionals, promoters and festival directors in attendance
2500 entries for the 35 daytime activities featuring artist Q&As, panels, presentations, workshops (Derivative) and showrooms (Roland and Moog) as part of the free Digi Lab program and the Keychange :: Amplify Symposium
2 radios on site: the local web radio and Ibero 909 from Mexico City
1 program in the 360 degree dome of the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT)
1 free stage presented by Red Bull Music


It's always an impossible task to pick highlights and performances that stood out during the festival. Needless to say, exceptional things happened a lot over the week, depending on taste, mood and circumstance. Here's a little subjective cruise through a few.

Audio Recordings

The live recordings of Klara Lewis, Tolouse Low Trax, Anthony Linell, Korea Town Acid, Highbloom & Rémillard and Pierre Kwenders are already available. Many more are yet to come.

Livestream Videos

We published the live videos from the two first nights of the festival. Take a peek at T. Gowdy, Christian Carrière, Electric Indigo, DJ Lag and Vigliensoni.

Keychange :: Amplify Symposium
All the conferences of our 2-days symposium dedicated to empowering women in digital arts and electronic music are now online. Watch and share! The Amplify network continues its circulations over the next months, thanks to the support and vision of the British Council. More info here.

MUTEK 2018 in the press

“A feast of provocative and boundary-pushing electronic music.”
Resident Advisor

“From unique new instruments, to the finest audiovisual accompanied by the smartest and most impressive display of projections, light and laser. Mutek is a breathtaking adventures of sensorial experiences that won’t leave you disappointed.”
MTL Times

“MUTEK felt like a weeklong conversation this time around. The festival actually achieved gender balance for the first time. This year, MUTEK also had 20 Canadian, 18 North American, and 16 world premieres, reaching a staggering total of 52 never-before-seen performances. With two free outdoor stages too, it was really the heart of the city all week, and boy did it have heart.”

''Mutek’s strength has always been in its ability to piece together coherent events, where even the most unconventional of artists seem to fit in comfortably between their peers.''
The Concordian

''Half of the performances were from Canadian and Québec-based artists and the program achieved a total Gender Parity for the first time in it’s existence. It was hard to top the 2017 edition, but as you can see Mutek clearly managed that and presented more than an impressive line-up and share of experiences.''
Toronto Times

''MUTEK: a space for people within and outside of the industry to connect, listen, network, share space, and discuss the issues, concepts, and methodologies surrounding experimental electronic musics.''
Husa Sounds

Tell us about your experience and impressions of the festival this year.

What impressions did the festival leave you? We want to know! We're giving away full festival passports to 6 people who participate in our survey.

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