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Arc & TextureCA

Arc & Texture<sup>CA</sup>
Arc & TextureCA

08.22 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Photo: Samay Arcentales Cajas

Caleb Klager, a sound designer and electroacoustic composer based in Toronto, is celebrated for his improvised live performances. Caleb crafts his music using a blend of samplers, synthesizers, and acoustic instruments, each set offering a unique exploration of sound. His background in jazz performance greatly influences his mastery of rhythmic elements, enhancing live techno performances with deep grooves and intricate polyrhythms. In 2022, he initiated the audio-visual project ADVERSARIAL NETWORKS, collaborating with fellow artists to blend organic and digital improvisation. This project captures the transformative interplay of sound and visual data, creating rich, interactive audio-visual environments.

Vanese Smith, known artistically as Pursuit Grooves, is an experimental electronic sound artist from Toronto. Her work blends soulful bass music with innovative rhythmic patterns and creative sampling. Over the past two decades, Smith has made her mark on the international music scene with her multifacetted pursuits, which include visual art–under the moniker Mo:delic Arts–and DJing. Beyond her personal artistic endeavors, she co-founded Loop Sessions Toronto, a collective dedicated to music production, education, and vinyl culture. She also contributes to the artistic community as a mentor, working with various organizations to foster emerging talents.

Arc & Texture CA
Live | World Premiere

Arc & Texture fuses the talents of Toronto's Vanese Smith (Pursuit Grooves) and Caleb Klager. Their debut at MUTEK will showcase unorthodox cinematic percussive sounds and emotive modular synthesis tones, creating techno that is as thought-provoking as it is visceral. This bass-driven performance marks their beginning of their collaboration.


Arc & Texture is a Toronto-based duo made up of artists Caleb Klager and Vanese Smith.


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Caleb Klager
Theories (2021)
Titled (2021)

Vanese Smith
100 Seams (2023)
Mo:Delic Island (2021)