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Azu TiwalineTN/FR

Azu Tiwaline<sup>TN/FR</sup>
Azu TiwalineTN/FR

Inspired by the need to explore her North African origins, producer Azu Tiwaline offers an organic and raw sound, vibrating to the rhythm of the great spaces of the Sahara desert. Uniting Berber music with dub culture, trance and techno hypnosis, the young producer invites her audience to an ecstatic ritual, focused on sensoriality and nature.

Azu Tiwaline made a remarkable appearance in 2022 on the electronic scene with her first album Draw Me A Silence released under the banner I.O.T. Records. This opus quickly caught the attention of renowned artists such as Lena Willikens, Peverelist, Don't Dj, JASSS, Anunaku, Laksa, and many others. Recently picked up by Bristol's Livity Sound, her EP Magnetic Service featuring Cinna Payghamy, was immediately acclaimed worldwide and has since received incredible support. Tiwaline's decelerated techno approach brings a new flavor to the underground dance music scene by incorporating traditional North African rhythms, scales and instruments.

This year at MUTEK, producer Azu Twaline, true to form, will unveil a unique performance driven by a desire for identity affirmation. With Tiwaline, the music of the body and the music of the head are one, so expect for her Canadian premiere a live set strong in melodic sensitivity drawing from Berber trance sounds or the depths of dub and electronica.

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Azu Tiwaline is a French-Tunisian producer offering an organic and raw sound, vibrating with the Berber rhythms of the Saharan desert and the depths of dub and electronica.


Livity Sound
I.O.T. Records


Alandazu E​.​P. (with Al Wootton) (Livity Sound, 2022)
Draw Me A Silence (I.O.T. Records, 2021)
Magnetic Service E.P. (Livity Sound, 2020)


Azu Tiwaline stands out brilliantly among North African women and artists in the field of electronic music. Having grown up in the West African nation of Ivory Coast and having a Tunisian father, her background marked by her travels to India, Senegal, Mongolia and Reunion Island imbues her music with multi-cultural experiences.