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CLAUDE & Shin HyejinKR

CLAUDE & Shin Hyejin<sup>KR</sup>
CLAUDE & Shin HyejinKR

CLAUDE is a media artist based in Seoul. By applying motion and real-time environmental data to algorithms, He presents an abstract movement in digital particles by capturing the organic changes of humans and nature, and mysterious vitality of them. It focuses on delivering the fundamental beauty of nature by capturing the overwhelming emotions people feel as if experiencing the vast nature in media art.

Shin Hyejin is a Korean composer and sound designer. She focuses on creating warm, unique ambient aesthetics based on analog instruments, everyday noises, and digital sound. She has been working as a live musician through Seoul's digital art platform WATMM and has performed at the Prectxe Festival, WeSA Festival, and Mutek Montreal. Aside from payling live shows Shin Hye-jin is regularly presenting commissions, collaborations, and installations.

The sudden fear one feels when imagining the infinity of the universe comes from the feelings when one faces the finiteness and weakness of their own existence. The work Trial is intricately designed for us to think about what we can have and what attitudes we can bolster as soon as the morality that one has built and the laws the history has established become totally powerless. This project is a real-time live audio visual performance displayed through an immersive video and sound system. Light and sound, which are constantly generated and dissipated over time, create a different dimension in space and that opens up new environments.